Got the job!

They say ‘You have to be in it, to win it’ and with no other job application process that I have ever been through (and I’ve been through some interesting ones!) has this ever been more true.

I applied online via the TeachAway website back in July/August of 2015. I knew I needed a new challenge and one where I could explore my passions and truly make a difference to the lives of the children I teach. It became pretty apparent that this was going to be a process with lots of hurdles to jump and I made the decision to throw myself into the process fully.

I really appreciate, now that I am close to departure, that the hurdles you need to jump only serve to prepare you for your move to the UAE and strengthen your resolve to take up this opportunity – and what an opportunity – and you will quickly learn during this process if this is the right move for you. If you find yourself frustrated then maybe this isn’t the right move, but only you can decide.

After online applications and reference gathering, TeachAway make an assessment of your suitability and offer you a video interview – where you are asked a range of questions via short video clips and your responses are recorded in a timed manner. Again, this is assessed by the Teachaway staff and I was successful in moving on to the phone interview. After this chat with my super-friendly recruiter Emily, and if you are successful, you will be invited to a face-to-face interview in a city close to your location (London, UK for me) and thus begins the process of paperwork gathering of all official documents (some of which need to be sent to be attested for use in the UAE – I will write more about this process in a separate blog post shortly) prior to this interview.

The face-to-face interviews take place via Skype. There were 3 rooms in the hotel business suite set up for these interviews on the day I attended in December of ’15, and after a brief welcome to all attending interviewees, we went back to the main foyer to await our interview slot. I was third on the list for the room that my interview was to be held in so i thought I’d have a little time to mentally prepare, but due to the ‘no-show’ of both interviewees before me I went straight in. I was thrilled when a week later I was offered a position with ADEC.

Once all paperwork is submitted to Teachaway and prepared by them to be sent to ADEC. Be prepared .. immigration can take some time and ADEC need to organise both your flight and housing – I am a January ’16 starter and hope to be moving by March . Delays are possible – I have been working as a supply teacher since September and although the delays can be frustrating – as I am desperately keen to get started – I have had time to organise things this end prior to departure – furniture and possessions into storage, that sort of thing.

April update:

ADEC has had to take the decision to defer most of the January starters – I am now moving out to Abu Dhabi in August ’16.

I’m currently living out of a suitcase with family while I await my departure date, airline tickets and visa. I’m still working day-to-day supply with fantastic teachers in a great school – last week I worked a day in each of Years 1, 5, 4, Reception and Year 6 (in that order!) and literally cannot wait for this new adventure to begin.



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