TeachAway Scholarship program


On accepting the job with ADEC, I was notified that as an educator who had accepted a position I was eligible for the Teach Away Scholarship programme, established with the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto.

Once registered – details of how to do this are provided to successful ADEC teachers via email- you receive free enrolment into the 10-hour Teaching English to Arabic Speakers module of the University of Toronto TEFL Online programme. This module must be undertaken and completed before departure in order to receive a confirmation letter acknowledging completion of the module.

As I had already decided during the application process that I was going to make the most of every available opportunity should I be successful, and because I was so excited to have been successful in the first place, I completed this module a week later. I spent just an hour or so each evening of that week reading through the course notes provided, watching short videos and completing each unit of the module with a short online quiz.

The module was really interesting and confirmed my understanding of the process of learning a second language – a process I have experienced first hand as both a learner and as a teacher – and introduced me to elements of Arabic that impact of second language learning. The videos and accompanying online interactive slides were clear and informative and the best bit is that you were able to work at your own pace, using the online desktop which recalls where you are up to, taking you directly to your home page when you sign in.

A longer 100, 120 or 150 hour course is available at a discounted rate, by using a promotional code, should you be interested in a full TEFL qualification.

Although not compulsory, I’d planned to sign up for the 120 or 150 hour course when I was settled in the UAE, but as my departure has been deferred I am currently considering starting this course in the next month or so – this will help me to channel my excitement about the impending move and may provide a number of further useful insights into language acquisition by Arabic learners.
It will also fill the gap between now and August when I finally board that plane!


And today … it began!



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