A word a day …

I have decided to start the Arabic learning process sooner, rather than later… with my very own ‘A word a day challenge!’ Fun, right? Writing this blog seems like the perfect way to collate this whole experience, but might also one day be useful to others embarking on a similar journey.

I downloaded a couple of apps months back, and it’s high time I started using them. So … starting today, I will post the words I am learning here also.

Drop back to this page frequently to watch the list of words grow… Hopefully it actually will 🙂

Update 16/06/16

I’ve decided to reorganise this page over the next couple of weeks so that the language I’m learning can be more readily searched – should you be interested!

I’m also going to explore a way of recording my language attempts and adding short sound clips to these blog pages … well, at least you’ll get a laugh out of these attempts!


Marhaba                              Welcome! (to greet someone)

As-salaam ‘alaykum         Peace be upon you (formal/group greeting)

kyf halk?                               How are you?

ana bkhyr, shkran             I’m fine, thanks.

ma hw esmk?                      What’s your name?

esmy …                                 My name is …

arak lahqaan                       See you later


sfr                                            Zero

wahd                                       One

athnan                                   Two

thlathh                                  Three

arb’eh                                    Four

khmsh                                   Five

sth                                          Six

sb’eh                                      Seven

thmanyh                               Eight

ts’eh                                       Nine

eshrh                                      Ten


Other phrases

Shway, Shway                      slowly, slowly


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