All in good time …

May the fourth be with you!

Yes, it is (as some call it) Star Wars Day. And today was the deadline for some updated paperwork that needed to be submitted due to changes in the Introductory Statement form. All completed and submitted. Confirmation email to show that it has been received. Phew!

This is just one deadline of many that I have met on this journey. I was thinking about all of the deadlines and the length of the process to this point today on my commute into work. This took me back to where I was this time last year. I had massive decisions to make, not least this one: do I hand in my notice so that i can achieve what i really want to do or stay in a job that wasn’t completely fulfilling me and my aspirations, both on a financial and professional level? Within a month from thinking about this I had indeed handed in my notice and was tying up loose ends while I began to research and explore the possibilities for working overseas.

Unavoidable and unplanned delays aside, the process is long and as I have said in other posts, you really need to ‘sign up’ to it. This isn’t a quick fix. It isn’t a short term, stop-gap solution.   The paperwork, some of which needs to be authenticated (see separate blog post here) and brought to the UAE as hard copies might at times seem endless, but consider what you are doing:

  • moving to another country;
  • taking up a new position, one that requires certificates and degrees to show who you are and that you are suitably qualified;
  • moving home.

Some of you might also be moving with a spouse and or children, adding layers of paperwork, additional authentication. Some of these ‘steps’ as we refer to them cost money, therefore adding further levels of investment int he process.

Each of these things taken separately, would involve a certain amount of paperwork and probably a little time to be organised and arranged – both on your part and the part of immigration/your employer/estate agents/landlords and the like. So, although it seems like lots needs to be done and the time it takes is long, you are completing much in a short space of time in reality.

Remember your goals and plans for the future, and why your chose this path.

For me, the fourth is strong in this one (sorry!) and I don’t mind waiting. It will come to be … all in good time.

ps. And besides … the wait has given me time to spend more time with family and friends. And this usually involves cake! 🙂


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