TEFL loading … 20%

So, as I said in a previous post, I promised myself I would make the most of every opportunity that this new job offered, and have so far worked hard to make good on this promise.

I’m currently trying to learn a bit of Arabic (something I will pursue further when I’m in the UAE and have more opportunities to talk to native Arabic speakers) using a couple of language apps, and the TEFL course is well underway. In fact, I reached a bit of a milestone this evening, in what is becoming one of my two weekly study nights, having completed 20% of the core modules.


The core material has been a mixture of the history of English language development, and theories around and strategies for effective language teaching.

Having a bit of experience with language teaching from both sides of the process, working with Cantonese and Thai speakers in English teaching roles, and working with young English speakers who I was teaching Japanese to, has helped a great deal in broadening my understanding of how students learn L2 (second language) and how, as the teacher, we can use the students L1 (first language) skills to enable successful language learning.

I can’t wait to put my past experience and my new learning into practice in the UAE – I have some ideas for displays, vocabulary building and working with texts in a range of creative ways that I am itching to try out – and I’m pretty sure these might become blog posts of the future!


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