The countdown has begun …

What a week!

One of my best mates, Drew, was here in London for a holiday and we’ve had a great couple of weeks catching up. Weird thing is, we were never meant to meet in London, as I was already going to be in Abu Dhabi and he had planned to go there after London to meet me. He flew out this morning on the 09.35 LHR to AUH on Etihad – this weekend was to be our catch up there and he was to be my first visitor!

I’ll come back to the importance of the flight details later.

Anyway, we’ve had a brilliant couple of weeks catching up – friends, meals out, and a fun day out at Wimbledon this past Tuesday. Drew had never been, so my mate Carl (who also had never been) and I went with him, queueing early (we were 4716 – 4718 in line) for tickets. We got in just after play had started for the day at 11.30am. If you ever get the chance go – the atmosphere is amazing, but I digress…

We were watching a brilliant game on Court 19 when I realised I had a few emails on my mobile, so in a lull in play I decided to check them, and there it was. The email I had been waiting since January for – my itinerary for Travel to Abu Dhabi. I was in shock!

I shared the news with my mates and promptly burst into tears (I’m blaming the couple of Pimms I had consumed!) – it’s funny how you kind of just get on with it when delays scupper your plans. I had been accepted for a January start but a number of things had got in the way of that timeline, so I had busied myself with supply teaching and kind of got on with it.

So the date is now set, and the countdown has begun… I fly out on 21st July, which is Thursday in 3 weeks time – 3 weeks today in other words – on the 09.35 LHR to AUH on Etihad.

Funny how things turn out…


Are you listening, Universe?

Thanks, Universe. You were listening 🙂



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