Inflight entertainment 

Well, here I am at 41,000 feet, somewhere over the Zagros Mountains … Yep, I hadn’t either … Look them up!

We are currently 1 hour and 20 minutes from Abu Dhabi (5 hours and 9 minutes into the flight!) and I’m writing this to pass the time. 

I’ve eaten a bag of Lilliputian crackers and had a lovely Bloody Mary to take the edge off, delicious meal (seriously, choose the Paprika Chicken!) and a snack was just served.

It’s 6.22pm in Abu Dhabi, according to the screen in front of me – 3.22pm in London – and I’ve taken a cool video animation of the journey from said screen, which I will add later. 

I listened to Katy Perry’s Prism album for a couple of repeats – which helped me to sleep a bit, then watched Alligiant.

I’m looking forward to getting there now, stretching my legs and finding out where I’m staying. I had a message on Facebook from another teacher I had connected with through one of the ADEC forums. She was asking if I was leaving from Heathrow, so perhaps she’s on this flight and we might meet up when we get there. I must remember to look out for a little sign with my name on at Arrivals. 

Here ends the inflight program. Let the main event commence. 


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