So this is it! 

D-day has finally arrived. It’s 3 am and I’m wide awake. In about 6 and a half hours I will be on the plane, taxiing to the runway. Nervous? Excited? A little of both, in equal measures.

I’ve had a fantastic couple of days catching up with family and friends, and am fully packed and ready. Saying goodbye to family was emotional. 

Yesterday I travelled across London to the Hilton Heathrow T4, which is 6mins walking distance  from check in – this way I get an extra couple of hours sleep (who was I kidding!) and could take the stress out of an early morning trip to the airport. 

I spent the day relaxing in the swimming pool, steam room and sauna. I had a lovely light lunch and dinner was fabulous. The cocktails weren’t bad either. 

So … here’s to new adventures, and although it’s the end of a wait that was at times excruciating, to say the least, it is really just the beginning. I can’t wait!

Bring it. 


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