Day 2 … Saturday

So, today is Saturday and it is my second day here in Abu Dhabi, and is the second day of relaxation before the first orientation day tomorrow.

Breakfast – just as yesterday – and on my way back to the room, I noticed it again. I forgot to say yesterday that as you leave the lift and enter the corridor there is a distinct smell … honey. It’s lovely. I noticed it yesterday and couldn’t place the smell as it was completely out of context, but there it was again today.

Spent the morning by the pool – swimming and laying out – trying to finally work the knot out of my back from the flight. The swimming really helped.


Tomorrow is Sunday, and is the first day of the working week here in the UAE – not too difficult to get used to really (after two days off!) once you get into the full swing of the place, but slightly stressed that I’ll wake up tomorrow, think ‘Oh, it’s Sunday, and promptly roll over and fall asleep again! Must remember to set alarm AND get up!

We got our itinerary for the next week in our welcome letter when we checked into the hotel and have been reminded via another note today that the session tomorrow starts promptly at 10am and we should arrive by 9.45am. The session is strictly for teachers only – no family. Still plenty of time for a buffet breakfast though. 😍

I think it will be a lot of form filling and paperwork checking mostly, preceded by a welcome speech and overview. I really cannot wait to get started – and I’ve been waiting for this moment since January.

I’ve got my copies of paperwork to hand in (probably best to take the whole folder to save me having to leg it back to the room should they ask for something else) and have even ironed a shirt.

So I’m ready … and for the rest of the day I’m now chilling.

… by the pool …

… in the cafe in the lobby …

… Zzzzzzz



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