Day 10 – Day 18

It’s my birthday .. and it’s been a full on week leading up to today, hence the lack of blog posts.

So .. to recap, on Day 10 we attended a housing meeting. We were given contact details for our landlords and sent on our merry way to visit them (at their various offices around the city) and pay deposits and collect keys. This is where we hit a slight hitch as our landlord was a representative at a bank that is currently being refurbished – the office we went to visit is essentially a building site!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, we eventually found their temporary location and visited just before the 3pm end of the day cut off – our contracts were unfortunately not ready so we had to wait .. meanwhile, I went shopping for furniture, but more on that later!

2 days later I got on the road early, paid my deposit, collected the contracts and the keys, and finally got to see my new home for the first time!

I am very fortunate having one of the first floor flats that faces our street as the windows are HUGE and look fab.


(first floor, r to l) My bedroom, kitchen, guest bathroom and living room windows.

Would you like to come and and have a look? Welcome to the 10 minute tour … please leave your shoes at the door …

Completely … I agree … gorgeous! Al Markhaniya, Al Ain … my new home.

the built in floor to ceiling cupboards were such a bonus, and the rooms are huge. (Phew, as my bed is a monster SuperKing sized 200 x 210!

The following days were all about getting the  appliance and furniture deliveries arranged – the logistics are a feat in themselves – and the icing on the cake was internet connection literally less than 36 hours after going into the store!

I’m pretty pleased with the results, so far. I still have to get a chest of drawers for the bedroom (as the room is vast and can take it, despite the bed) and maybe a chair to throw clothes onto! And the living room needs a rug – I’m thinking persian, in orange or blue and will visit a carpet souk I have found to look at some another day.

Home sweet home 😀


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