Let’s get the introductions out of the way first!


Now you have caught me… here’s a bit about me.

I’m a primary teacher currently working in West London, looking forward to the move to Abu Dhabi to take up a Cycle 1 teaching position with ADEC – and I can’t wait for this new adventure to begin!

I started my teaching career in 1992 on a 2 year working holiday in the UK after graduating from University in my home town of Sydney, Australia – and yes, ‘I Still Call Australia Home‘ (Fellow Aussies will get the song reference there!) Since then, I have worked as a teacher, ICT Co-ordinator and Art Manager in a number of schools across South London. I have also been a Deputy Head Teacher and KS2 Leader.

I have also worked full time at The Guardian as a producer and educational consultant, and as freelance as a producer, contributor and consultant for a range of education related stuff in the private sector. I was a Primary Advisory Teacher at the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE)

I’m a keen cook and baking has become a passion over the last few years. I love exploring my Australian and New Zealand heritage, and my passion for travel, through the food I cook and eat – because it would be rude not to eat it, right?!

I’m the proud father of Harrison and am currently trying to learn Cantonese and Arabic – I will definitely need at least one of these languages in the very near future!

This blog will detail my journey from London to Abu Dhabi and share my adventures once I get there.