Setting up in the UAE

I’ve been thinking about setting up my new place in the UAE recently (living out of a suitcase isn’t so much fun, right?!) and then a post in this group provided some useful links which I thought I’d share also. I will add to this list of useful sites when I find others. Interestingly, the author of the original post mentioned the availability of second-hand furniture, etc and I think that might also prove a useful avenue to explore – all good ways to make the initial accommodation set-up allowance stretch a bit further until the first pay cheque arrives! Obviously! I could pretty much make the flat look like an identical copy of my last flat in Epsom 🙂 Literally can’t wait to get back into Carrefour! I love visiting the Hypermarket when on the trip home from France to the UK with all of the school trips I’ve been on – literally the best stationery section EVER. I just hope the UAE version compares! Lysa, Holly and Fazzy .. LuLu Hypermarket! What’s not to love?!